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Have your work featured on @ArtistsDrop's Stories and be seen by over 90,000 art lovers from around the world. This purchase will allow you to showcase your artwork our Instagram with a 24 hour post in our stories.

Simply follow the instructions below after purchase:

1.) Email with the subject line "ArtistsDrop Stories"
2.) Attach an image in portrait format of the piece you'd like posted.
3.) Include your Instagram handle.
4.) Add a one sentence caption you'd like posted with the story post. **If this is longer than a sentence, we have the right to edit down or completely disregard. We will only include your Instagram handle.**

**Posts will be posted in the order they are received. If content is inappropriate and/or does not fall into Artists
Drops policy, we will select a piece of our choosing or offer a refund.**

Please contact with any questions!